• Modernize your business
    Be more relevant to other health care providers, prospective students, and insurers by switching to a completely electronic system.
  • Grow your practice or school
    With more robust measurements, you can create meaningful charts that make a difference with clients, referrals, and reimbursements. For schools, students will enter the workforce prepared to succeed.
  • Visual charting
    Drawable anatomical figures make charting intuitive and easier to teach and learn. Upload photos and images of your assessments.
  • Bill insurance securely
    Get reimbursements faster. With our Advanced plans, you can create claims, send bills through a clearinghouse that ensures your claims are clean, and track payments.
  • Clients participate in their care
    Your clients can access their health record and fill out pre- and post-session scales. Client participation saves you time, improves measurement accuracy, and can even lead to better outcomes.
  • Choose how you chart
    With two charting options, Wellness and Treatment, you can chart and teach to the type and complexity of the session, saving you time and effort.

Hands Heal Electronic Health Records

Meaningful charting that makes a difference

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Flexible charting

Chart not just for treatment, but also for wellness

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Drawable figures

Anatomical figures make charting more intuitive

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Better measures

Measure activity and mood, not just pain

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Supports schools

The only EHR with features just for schools

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Customizable reports

Create graphic client progress reports

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Your client's data is safe and HIPAA compliant

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Secure insurance billing

Create and submit claims with our Advanced plans

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Track payments

Stay on top of payments and receipts with our Advanced plans

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Document storage

Upload unlimited documents, videos, and images

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Responsive design

Use from any internet-connected device

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Easy client transfer

Import client account information

Link to scheduling system

Connects to any third-party system for scheduling and marketing


I tell everyone about Hands Heal any chance I get! I love it!

- Rachel Porter, Revive Therapeutics

Picture of Diana Thompson

Created by a charting expert

With 30 years in the field as a practitioner, educator, and advocate, Diana L. Thompson created Hands Heal EHR to meet the needs of therapeutically minded massage therapists and schools. As the author of the foremost book on charting, Diana has made sure that Hands Heal EHR gives massage therapists a robust system that creates meaningful charts. With instructional prompts based on the latest research, Hands Heal EHR is like a master class in charting.

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