Geppina Caterina Scrigna

2400 Broadway St
Vancouver, WA 98663
(360) 904-4999

Cohesive Therapy Healing and Rejuvenation Center
An Oasis for Healing and Rejuvenation

Manual Therapy, Massage Therapy Systems, Training, Tools, Techniques, and Modalities for the modern world.
The Cohesive techniques, tools, and modalities approach our health and wellness through the marriage of Eastern and Western philosophies. Applications include self-care, manual therapy, and massage therapy. These are philosophies of mind, body, and spirit that can speak to all nations. Cohesive therapy is not an exchange of one type of therapy for another. Instead, it is an all inviting collaboration and dance of complete integration for homeostasis of the mind, body, and spirit. It ignites self-healing, improves the quality of one’s life, and adds joy and love for all sentient beings.

These wellness treatments are a pivotal tool for exposing this idea of reality. Distilled into a sustainable way of surviving in the modern world.

Making self-care accessible and amenable to all.

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