Diana Thompson

6720 14th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98106-1936
(206) 755-5564

To My Cloistered Clients,

I'm still debating on when to open. With the numbers on the rise I'm considering holding off until there's a vaccine. I'd like to refer those of you in need of a massage to one of my personal therapists: Greg Lorenz. You might have seen him in the office working for Mayo. He's a kind, skilled therapist that works wonders for me. He's sharing my new space with me just down the hall from Mayo. Phone: (206) 941-4991, email: awarebodycare@gmail.com

Yes, I moved!
With Mayo Therapy selling and moving, I had to give up my spacious room filled with natural light. The good news is I'm all moved in just down the hall in suite 109. See you there!

I will email your directly and post any updates to my return here on my login page. Please stay in touch!

In health,

About Diana
With 40 years of experience, Diana offers skilled massage therapy for relief of pain and treatment for injuries and complex conditions. Using a blend of therapeutic techniques—lymphatic drainage, craniosacral therapy, scar massage, and gentle movement—Diana specializes in treating pre and post-surgical needs and other acute and chronic inflammatory conditions.

One-hour sessions = $140 / $125 *
Each additional 30 minutes = $60
* $15 discount applies to those paying at time of service
Some insurance accepted. Cash, checks, and all credit cards accepted.

Hours (by appointment only)
Monday and Wednesdays 11:00am - 7:00pm
Some Sundays 10:00am - 3:30pm

Located just south of the University Bridge, off Eastlake Ave in the Northern Passage Building 3302 Furhman Ave E Ste. 109. Enter through the door closest to Eastlake Ave, go down to the first floor. The outside door locks at 5:30 and is locked all weekend. Bring your cell phone with you and call or text my cell number 206-755-5564 (also posted on the front door) to get buzzed in.

Street parking is limited. I have one spot in the garage below the building. To enter, make an immediate right onto Portage Bay Way that runs along Eastlake just west of the bridge. Make an immediate left at the Private Drive sign. Pull in front of the white garage door and text or call me at 206-755-5564. Park in the second spot on the left. If that is full, park in the third spot on the left. It is currently unoccupied and I'm trying to secure that one as well.

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