Adding movement to massage
Adding movement to massage

According to the literature, multidimensional approaches to treatment improve outcomes. Mindfulness is a modality that works well with massage. And so is movement. Movement can not only increase strength and mobility, but also confidence, which can help clients get back to the life they enjoy. Movement is easy to incorporate both into a session and as self-care homework.

Massage and movement have similar benefits – stress reduction, pain relief, heart health, to name a few. Movement in particular can provide a sense of confidence that the person can engage with life more fully and independently. We can help our clients get a little stronger and more confident about their ability to move by incorporating movement into our sessions.

There are multiple techniques that use movement to treat various symptoms:

  • Gentle oscillating compressions on all the finger joints can help with the pain and swelling of osteo and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Pin and stretch focuses the stretch on a specific region of a tight muscle and reduces the tenderness found.
  • Post-isometric relaxation stretching technique or PNF increases the range of motion and nerve flow to a joint.
  • Isometric contractions can help lower blood pressure and strengthen muscles.
  • Gentle rocking for relaxation, awareness, and increasing range of motion.

Gentle movements throughout a massage help bring awareness to the progress you've made with other massage techniques. All these techniques can help provide confidence to move more. It's great for building a foundation before giving clients self-care exercises to do at home.

When clients are ready for self-care that involves movement, use Hands Heal EHR to upload instructions for self-care techniques. This makes it easy for clients to remind themselves of their goals for self-care and to do their homework safely.

Being active with friends and family works wonders for pain and healing. Help your clients gain the confidence to get back to walking, gardening, and engaging with the people they love and add movement to your massage sessions.

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