• Build your practice with tangible results
    An electronic system that makes charting meaningful and easy!
    Clients are able to see their improvement and I feel confident that I have the information I need to be effective.
    — Deb F.

Hands Heal Electronic Health Records System

Invigorate your practice with an intuitive cloud-based electronic health record platform
tailored to massage therapy professionals.

Fast and Easy

Create and update important client information and health records in under a minute

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Simplify your recordkeeping with a cloud-based system that can be maintained from your mobile device

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Connect with your clients in meaningful ways to grow your massage therapy practice

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Bank-level security and encryption offers massage therapists and their clients peace of mind and protection

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Working out the kinks is what you do best.

That's why hands-on time should be reserved for your clients and not for paperwork. We know your expertise lies in your bodywork, and the Hands Heal Electronic Health Records system is designed to help you answer your calling and spend less time documenting the details.

Hands Heal Electronic Health Records is fast and easy to use. This essential system eliminates the burden of paper files with the swipe of a finger and turns those bland handwritten notes into expressive graphs that chart meaningful results.

Streamline the nuts and bolts of your practice with cloud-based storage that simplifies the way you manage your client care. A client-facing portal keeps you in sync and in touch with your clients at a glance and is accessible from any desktop or wireless device.